International Mission School - Precept Ministries Eurasia


The school emphasizes on studying the Holy Scriptures thoroughly using the inductive bible study method and prepares Christian workers to teach and preach the Word of God. During the school students study inductively 20 bible courses.


Along with the spiritual preparation, the students benefit from intensive professional training, based on the faculty they choose. All the teachers are experts in their areas and experienced missionaries.


The school program includes many practical mission assignments. Divided in small groups, the students are sent to different localities throughout the country to share the Gospel.


In 2018 the classes will take place at the Recreation and Training Center “MoldTeleCom” near Orhei city, from June 19 to August 19


Feedbacks from the students

Taekwon-Do is not just a training of your body; it also trains your soul. It disciplines and helps you in your professional life. I am here for the first time. The moves and technique were really tough for me. But thanks to the intensive training of 4 hours per day and our teachers’ training, I am happy to say that I have green belt in Taekwon-Do now! After a good experience at the International Mission School, I want to start a Taekwon-Do group in Pakistan. I want to invite my friends to join my group and to have a life-changing experience by learning the Word of God.
Adnan Shoukat, Pakistan
I’ve never studied the Scripture inductively, and it was a true revelation for me. When I filled out the lessons, such truths were opening for me that I was amazed because I discovered them by myself.
Irina Stukanova, Belorussia
I came here to get a UEFA license because a group from Novosibirsk whom we train had a need in a licensed coach. It was the most important thing to me. But while studying here, I realized that it is not so. The most important thing is a relationship with God! Here, God showed me through His Word what I need to change in myself. Inductive Bible study had a massive impact on my life, and when I return home, I plan to teach children in our group using this method. I am sure that these courses will be special for them; and now I have a desire to invite even more children into our group.
Alexei Smirnov, Russia
In my teachers, I have always seen and continue to see a good example, model for me. They always match what they teach us. In this School, the emphasis is not on quantity, but on the quality of training and full dedication of a person.
Edward Andreev, Moldova
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